When Mr. Chen, Chief Executive Officer, established TS Lines, he had already accumulated solid 20-year experience in the ocean freight industry that included freight ship procurement, shipping operations, new freight route establishment, and financial management.   He possesses sharp insights and management skills gained from his encounters with numerous turbulent cycles in the ocean freight industry and his studies of predictive industry forecasts through scenario simulations.  He seeks to distinguish TS Lines as a reliable service provider through his emphasis on the company vision and corporate culture of service, excellence, shared goals, flexibility, motivation, and advancement. 

     TS Lines was established on July 6, 2001.  At time of establishment, TS Line immediately became a full service company with complete teams of personnel in documentation, operations, and financial management.  This has propelled TS Line to the fourth larges ocean freight company in Taiwan shortly following its creation.  Although TS Lines came onto the scene during an economic recession, the company took advantage of its flat organizational structure and its experienced and energetic employees to lower operating costs and maintain profitability throughout the recession.  Through Mr. Chen’s leadership and personnel management, TS Lines was very competitive.  Additionally TS Lines took advantage of the recession by acquiring fixed assets at great discounts that included high quality ships, containers, and other resources to diversify its operations, thus minimizing its market risks.  These efforts increased TS Lines’ competitiveness in ocean freight market and accelerated its growth.

 Brief summary of route establishments:

 2001     Open Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan service.

 2002     Expand to Japan, central and north China, HongKong,Philippines,Indonesia and also  expansions to Singapore, Malaysia, and east India.

 2003     March – open Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh service.

 2003     July – Yangon service.

 2003     August – north and central China, Hong Kong, Combodia, Thailand, and Ho Chi Min  express service.

 2003     November – central and north China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and India service.

 2006     Middle East; China to and from Japan.

 2007     Expand to East Africa area.

 2008     Central China, Korea to Indonesia;   At same year add Bangladesh service.

 2009     Open Haiphong service.

 2010     Add Australia and Trans Pacific service. 

      The main operating model for TS Line is based on freightliner operations.  This strategy allows container ships to be operated based on scheduled timeframes and routine ports.  The company is able to grow steadily and can differentiate itself from competitors that rent out their ships and routes on a case-by-case business model.